One Platform. One Interface.

Beginning in 2001 we ensured our software and appliances were cloud managed enabling you to more efficiently manage your deployments and multi-site environments from one simple interface. ClearOS provides a wide variety of IT functions for Cloud, Gateway, Network, Server and more; all built into one platform. We’ve designed ClearOS to be managed through Webconfig using any browser. This means you boot up your access device of choice and have all the tools at your fingertips you need to keep your system running. Make adjustments from your laptop in the office or from your smart phone on the road.


alt-iconClean, Simple Webconfig

ClearOS delivers a simple & beautiful browser-based interface. Leave the black screened world of command line interfaces behind. With ClearOS Professional, anyone can learn to manage their IT environment.





alt-iconRobust VPN Features.

Get one of the most complete VPN systems. Make your network act as one even if you are running remote offices in different parts of the world.

  • Dynamic VPN – Utilize IPsec VPN to manage dynamic IP addresses
  • OpenVPN – Provide secure remote access to your local system
  • PPTP VPN – Set up your VPN with a PPTP connection



alt-iconClearOS Marketplace

ClearOS Business is the most versatile IT Operating Platform ever created. ClearOS includes IT functions from access point control to 3rd party, cloud application management.

The 75+ IT Functions built into ClearOS are delivered as apps, which you install as needed on your ClearOS server. Integration with existing cloud apps and service, combined with the delivery of new and dynamic cloud apps and services, makes managing your IT even easier.

ClearOS also provides the needed on premise functions for your server, networking and security needs. ClearOS is equipped with the ClearOS Marketplace which allows you to scale the functionality of your server with a simple point-and-click method.


Enterprise Grade Security

It’s really quite simple, no one likes to feel as though your systems are at risk or that your data may be compromised. With the ClearBOX 100, Hybrid Network Appliance, protecting your network just got a whole lot easier.

ClearOS Professional keeps out unwanted viruses, spam and hackers, by offering you the latest in cutting-edge protection.

  • Antivirus – Keep your entire network safe by filtering viruses at the edge
  • Antiphishing – Protect your network from malicious links
  • Intrusion Detection – Filters all traffic at the gateway
  • Contextual Analysis – Intelligent analysis based upon page content
  • L7 Protocol Filter – Analyze packets and filter IP, port or protocol
  • Access Control – Apply time based restrictions to users & groups


Data Recovery

Far too often businesses procrastinate on implementing the necessary steps to ensure your business is functional at all times. ClearCenter provides simple scalable solutions to fit the needs of any remote storage requirement; be it 5 GB – 500 TB of offsite data backup.

Another feature which is beneficial to ClearBOX users around the world is the Remote Configuration Backup. This snapshot of your system allows you to replicate these configurations across subsequent installations in your environment simply.

As the IT Administrator you decide when, what and how your system backs up and can rest assured that our global data centers keep your data secure and accessible at all times.


clearos7 model

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