Everything clicks for Netsindo with HPE ProLiant and ClearOS

by Netsindo
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A few days ago the HPE Team was interested in conducting a case study to see what Netsindo had done in marketing and socializing ClearOS and HPE Servers in Indonesia. Netsindo was chosen because it is currently its position as ClearCenter Regional Partner, and is considered an IT Company that has been proven to work professionally in serving its clients throughout Indonesia.

Netsindo, represented by its CEO, Andi Riza, outlined the achievements that have been made for 8 years since it was founded. With the spirit of innovating and moving forward, Netsindo has proven itself as one of the companies trusted by the Government, Companies and Organizations in Indonesia.

The collaboration between HPE and ClearCenter in supporting the innovation of ClearCenter products such as ClearOS, ClearVM, ClearNode, ClearGlass, etc. provides a great opportunity to meet Netsindo’s client needs. The combination of stable and secure software with reliable and powerful hardware is the dream of all System Integrators.


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